Doodle Jump is a platform game developed and published by Lima Sky for iOS, Android and Nokia S60. It was released worldwide for iOS on April 6, 2009, and was later released for Android and Blackberry on March 2, 2010. Since it's release, it has been voted 'game of the century' by people worldwide.

The game has been relatively well-received. On June 25, 2010 it was announced that the game had totaled over 5 million sales. It has been reported of having 28,000 downloads per day.

Gameplay consists of guiding a four-legged creature known as the "Doodler" up an unending series of platforms without falling in an attempt to gain a high score. The character is controlled by tilting the gaming device in the desired direction. In the Blackberry version, direction of the Doodler is determined by tapping in the desired direction.

The iPAD version just released and made an international shot.


In Doodle Jump, the aim is to guide a four-legged creature called the Doodler up an unending series of platforms without falling. Players tilt the device from side to side to move the Doodler in the desired direction. Players can get a short boost from various objects, such as propeller hats, jetpacks, rockets, springs or trampolines. There are also monsters that the Doodler has to shoot or jump on to eliminate. You can aim your shot by tapping on different parts of the screen, sending a laser in the direction of your finger. There is no definitive end to the game, but the end for each gameplay happens when you fall (by reaching the bottom of the screen), jump into a monster, get sucked into a black hole, or abducted by a UFO. The newest updated version of the game lets players choose between versions of the game (Normal, Halloween, Christmas, Rain Forest, Underwater, Space, Ninja, Pirate, Snow or World Cup) without changing their names. Also recently added with the latest update was the Easter version, which can be played by entering the name "bunny" for your name. Alternatively, you may put the names of one of the pocket god pygmies for your name, as the Doodler will become one.

Obstacles and power-upsEdit


[1][2]Doodle monstersThere are a several obstacles the Doodler must evade in the game:

  • Monsters – there are seven different types of monsters which the player must shoot at, jump on top of, or avoid in order to not be knocked down and sent to the "game over" screen.
  • The Terrifier - this monster moves around the screen, and has to be shot 5 times to be killed; however it will still die with a single jump.
  • UFOs – UFOs abduct the Doodler when it jumps underneath them, the brace position must be taken ending the game. These can be shot or jumped on to be eliminated. The UFOs can be different objects in different themes.
  • Broken Platforms- The doodler will fall through them and will immediately fall down. However the Doodler may land on another platform and continue game play. However if they do not they will simply fall off the screen and lose.
  • Black Hole- The doodler will be sucked into the black hole if jumped near.

Power upsEdit

Power Up Function Points
Jetpack Makes the player fly upwards for a few seconds. Cannot shoot while activated. 3307
Propeller hat Similar to the jetpack, but ascends slower for a longer time. Cannot shoot while activated. (Note: Passing through enemies while wearing the propeller hat will destroy them. 1736
Spring Bounces the Doodler higher up than a normal platform. You can shoot when you jump on a spring. 352
Trampoline Same effect as the spring, except the Doodler does a backflip, during which he cannot shoot. 520
Spring shoes Like springs, but they stay on the Doodler's feet for a total of six bounces. Can shoot and jump on monsters while activated 2068
The Orb/ Force shield Makes the Doodler briefly invulnerable to monsters n/a
The Rocket (only in Christmas, space and underwater themes) Propels the Doodler high up at very high speeds. This is more powerful than the jetpack but is less common. 6521


Each platform has a unique function and reacts differently when the player jumps on it. The platform colour may differ between different themes. [3][4]Doodle platforms

Color (in standard version) Function
Brown Breaks when jumped on.
Gray Moves up and down.
Yellow to Red "Explodes" after a few seconds.
Blue Moves sideways.
Green Stays still. This is the most common platform in the game.
Dark Blue Can be moved around by player. Turns into a green platform when jumped on.
White Disappears after being jumped on.
White 2 Disappears after being jumped on.A new will appear.
Shocking yellow All shocking yellow change places after being jumped on.


During gameplay, the score – indicated at the top left of the screen – increases as Doodler progresses further. There are local, "friends", and global leaderboards built into the game. Players can import friends' scores, publish scores online on Facebook and Twitter, and challenge friends. The current world record holder is Charlie Jeffries-Tipton, who managed to achieve a score of 4,196,867. The world record hasn't been beaten since March 13, 2010.


There are different themes that can be applied to the game by changing the player name to any of the following:

Theme Name Change Description
"Pocket god" (Pygmy) theme Ooga/Booga/Nooby/Dooby/Klik/Klak Doodler is replaced with a pygmy from the application "Pocket god" and shoots coconuts.
Easter theme Bunny Doodler is dressed as Easter bunny.
"The Creeps" theme Creeps The monsters are replaced with monsters from the application "The Creeps"

Other themes can be accessed by scrolling along the bottom of the main menu. These are:

Theme Description
Holiday theme Doodler is dressed as Santa, the monsters are snow themed and it is snowing.
Ghost theme Doodler is dressed as a Ghost. The screen is dark and doodler lights up the area around him.
Jungle theme Doodler is dressed as an Explorer. The background is a jungle and the monsters are all based on jungle creatures.
Space theme Doodler is dressed as an Astronaut. The background is in space and the monsters are space based. there is also a rocket power up
World Cup theme Doodler is dressed as an Footballer. The background is a football pitch and the monsters are footballers from different participating nations.

With the 3.1.3 update, the theme can be changed at the home screen, but the scorer name must still be changed for the "Pocket God," "The Creeps!," and Easter themes.

In February a new theme was added which was a jungle theme and added new features such as new monsters and weather. And on March 22 the outer space theme was added. In early April, the Easter theme was added. In early June, the soccer theme was added, and the underwater theme is yet to be released.