Power Up Function Points
Jetpack Makes the player fly upwards for a few seconds. Cannot shoot while activated. 3307
Propeller hat Similar to the jetpack, but ascends slower for a longer time. Cannot shoot while activated. (Note: Passing through enemies while wearing the propeller hat will destroy them. 1736
Spring Bounces the Doodler higher up than a normal platform. You can shoot when you jump on a spring. 352
Trampoline Same effect as the spring, except the Doodler does a backflip, during which he cannot shoot. 520
Spring shoes Like springs, but they stay on the Doodler's feet for a total of six bounces. Can shoot and jump on monsters while activated 2068
The Orb/ Force shield Makes the Doodler briefly invulnerable to monsters n/a
The Rocket (only in space theme) Propels the Doodler high up at very high speeds. This is more powerful than the jetpack but is less common. 6521